Welcome to a better workout.

Level combines intervals of cardio and strength training for maximum results in minimal time.

efficient interval training

Interval training boosts your metabolism
to burn more calories and fat than continuous
aerobic training.

support at every stage

No matter what your ability level, we’ve got
you covered. Go at your own pace with instructors
who are with you every step of the way.

Drop-in Childcare

Take the stress out of finding a sitter by utilizing our drop in childcare. Fun activities for the kids while you take care of yourself.

“I’ve done my research, and interval training is simply
the best way to achieve a fit, balanced body.”

Lindsay Barney, Founder


Two rounds of different timed intervals on the treadmill, alternating speeds and incline. This raises your heart rate and gets your muscles warmed up and ready for action.


We’ll grab hand weights and spend certain intervals focusing on endurance-based strength training. Choose the weights that are just right for your ability level!


Depending on the class and focus, we will develop aerobic sequences to the beat of the music to get your heart racing-- a dance party, LEVEL style.


We’ll always wrap up on the floor with a cool down and stretch.


This workout is a game-changer – and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Growing up near Portland, Oregon, I was not a couch-potato kid. In my active family, moving wasn’t considered a chore; it was just something we did as part of a healthy life.

When I got married, my husband and I traveled a lot for his career as a pro athlete. It’s hard to stay fit and healthy on the road, so I was always looking for a great workout that would fit into my busy life as a new mom.

Trust me on this: I tried everything. Everything. Crossfit, yoga, running, barre, cycling, you name it. There were great things about all of these workouts, but nothing really resonated with me until I found an interval training class in Chicago.

I came back to Portland and immediately looked for similar classes. They didn’t exist. So drawing upon my love for people, my love for fitness and becoming a certified group trainer, I decided to create my own—and with that, LEVEL was born.

As the founder of LEVEL, my goal is to help you become the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally and to bring a community to life.  To provide a place where people come as themselves and leave feeling even better.  Beyond thrilled to bring this lifestyle of balance and health to our local communities.

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